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I have lived in Santa Monica for nearly 25 years. I've worked with relocation clients for nearly 15 years now.  

Relocating to a new area while buying a home is among the most stressful challenges many people face in the course of their working life.   You maybe changing your job, your family will be accommodating huge changes, and you're moving into an area you may know very little about.

As an experienced relocation consultant, I can help you with a number of aspects to reduce the stress.

—  Orientation to the area.
Not just homes and prices, but commuting patterns, schools, recreational and cultural opportunities, restaurants, churches and temples, restaurants, grocery stores, dance studios...the list is very long and is tailored to your needs and what you want to know.  If I don't know the answer to a particular questions, I will  know who to ask and will get back to you.

If at all possible, I like to have a phone conversation with you to get a feel for what is most important to you long before the plane touches ground at LAX.  It also helps me enormously to understand what people like about where they live now.   An essential truth of relocation is that I can't duplicate the lifestyle you may have in Denver, Ann Arbor, Pittsburgh, or Charlotte, but I can transpose the elements of your life style that are most important to you in a way that makes Southern California work at least as well, if not better, than in your current location.

Of course, it's usually a mistake to try to duplicate your surroundings in a new place. Santa Monica isn't a suburb, so you're not going to find big tracts of new construction. On the other hand, in many ways Santa Monica isn't urban, either - the city has strict height limits and tough zoning, so you don't find Manhattan-style density.

—  I make real estate suggestions based upon where you'll be working, how much you can afford, your recreational preferences, and other needs of your family. And i will make sure to take all the pressure off you and your family so you can concentrate on what's most important, each other.

Feel free to call me at Phone: +310-460-2525 or send an email to: and i will be sure to get back to you  right away. Don't hesitate to contact me even if you are not sure what your immediate plans will be. I am here to help you and your family for free and without any obligation!

At your service,
Tony Brooks
Estate Specialist