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Tips For Buyers

Here are crucial tips for you to consider when getting ready to buy:
  1. Know your budget! Find a mortgage lender you can trust and be prepared when entering the market. Your agent will have a list of reputable companies. Are you a 'cash" buyer?   What's your comfort zone?
  2. Find an agent you can trust. There are many  experienced real estate professionals to chose from and some less experienced.  You want to be able to ask your agent as many questions as you need, without feeling pressured and uncomfortable. Really consult your agent. Make sure your agent has a profound understanding of the current market conditions and a keen sense of 'value'.
  3. As a buyer you have access to the MLS (Multiple Lisiting Service) which is a valuable tool to get you started in the buying process. However it does not replace the knowledge, connections and "Know-How" your agent will provide once you decide you want to transition from 'perusing' the market (MLS) to 'seriously' entering it. The Real Estate process is very complex. Finding the right home means having someone on the ground full time, working for you. Transactions require superb negotiating skills and the ability to get you the 'best' possible price for your desired property while keeping the seller happy at the same time. Knowing when to 'back off', and when to 'lead', especially during complications is paramount. The right agent will take pressure off, not add it. 
  4. Stay away from the "i can sell you anything" mentality!
  5. You should be able to rely on your agent's help and guidance even after the deal is done.